Organizations That Helped With Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew had devastating consequences for the victims. Numerous organizations came forward to offer their help and support. Food for the Poor sent food, water, and emergency supplies to provide aid for the victims with critical emergency supplies.

The American Red Cross helps with emergency situations and natural disasters in the United States. Prior to Hurricane Matthew even reaching the shores they were asking for and accepting blood donations and monetary donations. When people needed help, they were there.

World Vision is a Christian charity and provider of aid located in Haiti. After the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, they helped in the efforts for recovery and rebuilding. They are committed to providing help for anyone left with urgent needs after a disaster.

UNICEF is an aid organization who is highly recognized with a lengthy background for providing help. The initials stand for the United Nations Children’s Fund and their dedication is to provide critical services and aid to children and their mothers affected by disasters. When Hurricane Matthew struck they were there to provide assistance in any way they could.

Save The Children is a charity organization with a high rating. They help children across the globe and were waiting in Haiti so they could gather donations and provide relief to the families and vulnerable children devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

The Mercy Corps has focused on the recovery efforts in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. They help relieve the suffering for humanitarian crises occurring throughout the world and their donation page aids in their effectiveness.

Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) met with the Disaster Response Team after Hurricane Matthew. They had partnered with the United Methodist Church to help rebuild homes that had been destroyed. A lot of these homes belonged to the elderly who had no way to pay for their homes being rebuilt. Islamic Relief USA offered their help in a project expected to last for five years so as many homes as possible could be rebuilt. They expect to be able to complete 400 homes in just the first year. They learned how the rebuilding process works and the best way to remove the debris left by the destruction of the homes. Their plans are to bring in excess of fifty volunteers with them to help rebuild.

Unfortunately, disasters such as Hurricane Matthew occur and can’t be prevented. Fortunately, there are organizations who care enough to lend a helping hand when it is so desperately needed.