Organizations That Help In Kosovo

Economic and Humanitarian Aid Organizations in Kosovo

Over the past two decades, people in the Republic of Kosovo have suffered amid the violent conflict and economic turmoil that has permeated the region in the wake of the 1998-1999 geopolitical war. Kosovo struggles with rampant government corruption, organized crime, high unemployment rates, and resistance to progressive debate resulting in a stagnant legislature and an unstable political regime. Many citizens have been internally displaced. Others seek asylum in neighboring countries. Nations around the world have joined forces to promote peace and encourage stability throughout the region, and many organizations are actively working to provide humanitarian aid to Kosovar citizens and refugees.

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief has been providing postwar rehabilitation efforts in Kosovo since 1999 and has helped over 19,200 individuals in Kosovo since 2010. The Islamic Relief’s services include an orphan sponsorship program and agricultural infrastructure education, as well as facilitating deliveries of food, water, medicine, clothing, and other necessary supplies to communities.

NATO Kosovo Force

KFOR was commissioned in 1999 by NATO to lead the peace-making and humanitarian efforts in Kosovo. 23 NATO countries have contributed to the mission, forming allied military units dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment. KFOR gathers intel to preempt renewed violence, provides riot control and peacekeeping training to local authorities, relocates displaced people, and assists with reconstruction and relief projects.


The Help Mission has been working to facilitate economic stability in Kosovo since the postwar state of emergency in 2000. Help provides occupational training across a variety of disciplines such as marketing, accounting, sales, and business management. Grants are available for small businesses seeking capital to expand operations. By empowering and encouraging long-term sustainable development through educational and financial resources, Help strives to achieve lower unemployment rates and reduce poverty across Kosovo.