Jackie Soffer Introduces Turnberry for the Arts in South Florida

Miami has an exciting adventure in its Aventura Mall that you don’t want to miss. It is an art safari assembled by Jackie Soffer of Turnberry Associates. Not only is the shopping great at the second most visited mall in the US, the contemporary art displayed is an experience you won’t forget.

Jackie had a realization that expanded the shopping experience into a vibrant cultural interaction. Ten contemporary art pieces are placed throughout the mall inside and out. Some of the art pieces allow interaction by the mall’s visitors including Friends With You creation Rainbow Valley. Turnberry for the Arts collection of ten became a reality in the early 2000’s.

The works of art placed at Aventura Mall showcase the vision of artists with world acclaimed talent:

  • Donald Baechler Walking Figure, 2003-2004 – Bronze female figure caught in mid-stride.
  • Louise Bourgeois Eye Benches, 1996 -1997 – Black Zimbabwe granite eyes that eerily follow you with a dispassionate gaze.
  • Friends With You – Rainbow Valley, 2006, by local artists Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III create a colorful playground featuring a magical kingdom for children.
  • Gary Hume-Back of a Snowman (White), 2002 – Enamel on Bronze found outside under palm trees is a 1,000-pound 10-foot faceless snowman.
  • Julian Opie – Double sided LED monoliths: aluminum, steel, and electrical components
    featuring images of Suzanne Walking in Skirt and Top, 2005 and Julian Walking in T-Shirt and Shorts, 2005.
  • Tom Otterness – Tree of Knowledge – Bronze – takes us back to the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.
  • Jorge Pardo-Untitled, 2006-2007 – MDF, acrylic, phenolic ply, ceramic butterflies suspended and floating from above. There are 96 in all.
  • Jaume Plensa (Born, 1955, Barcelona, Spain) – Florida’s Soul, 2006–2007 – Stainless steel and stone. This sculpture is a human form comprised of letters of the alphabet seated on a stone.
  • Lawrence Weiner ACQUIRED REQUIRED DESIRED ADMIRED ALL WITHIN THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY, 2007, reminds us of the endless options we have as human beings.
  • Jim Dine – The Cloud, 1996 – Enamel paint on marble is influenced by the famous Venus de Milo as depicted headless.
  • Daniel Arsham – Columns, 2007 Steel, wood, drywall- reflect the mall’s architectural column as it gives the illusion of it constantly being created and dissolving.

Kudos to Jackie Soffer and Turnberry Associates for amassing this world class collection of art and displaying it for public view. It is an inspired vision that others should follow.