Grainful Receives $3.3 Million in Funding from Investors

A new brand of frozen dinners known as Grainful has just made its way into the market. Their goal is to incorporate healthy oats into their frozen dinners, and make them readily available in a wider span of areas. Recently, CircleUp Funds has trusted them with an investment of $3.3 million. This strategic financing suggested by Advantage Capital and Rand Capital should help them market their innovative new product.
Grainful started their business ventures in Ithaca, New York. The basis behind their product is that people are always on the go. This is why frozen dinners are so popular in the marketplace. However, most of these dinners are not very healthy at all. This gave them room to think of a new idea – using oats in frozen dinners. Oats have a significant amount of nutritional value. They are rich in fiber, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Grainful used this to create a product for the busy workers of today that do not want to sacrifice their health for a quick and easy meal.
Reid Hutchins, a partner from Advantage Capital, says that he is excited to utilize the great foundation that was set by Grainful. They are planning on using this opportunity to ship millions of products around the United States and internationally.
The Managing Director of CircleUp Funds, Ben Lee, also emphasized his excitement for this new business venture. He thinks that Grainful already has a great team of employees, and that he is thrilled to contribute to this new project.
On top of this, Grainful was also showcased on the Doctor Oz show for not only its fiber and vitamins, but the quality of the ingredients and flavor of the meals. Oats do not need to be simply a breakfast food. They are a flexible grain that can be used in other meals as well. Some customers even say that Grainful’s meals are a dinner that they can get ‘excited’ about. It is real, delicious food.
Overall, it seems like CircleUp Funds has made a great investment. Advantage Capital, led in part by SVP Mark Scheffel and Managing Director Ryan Brennan, along with Rand Capital seem very excited to take on the challenge of working with a company with extremely high standards for their products. Hopefully their business venture succeeds.