Biotech Organizations Drawn to North Carolina

Many biotech companies are making homes in North Carolina due to favorable business laws, taxes and a place to expand their companies. There many firms coming to the state to do their work, and the state is growing rapidly because of their presence. It is simple for a business to grow when they may take on a plot of land in the state to begin work, and this article explains how the companies are offering a better future for everyone.

#1: Argos Therapeutics
The therapeutic drugs that are created by Argos are built out of a lovely building they have placed in North Carolina, and it is important they are given an opportunity to build their brand to serve as many people as possible. The service they offer is incredible because it makes everyone fighting cancer feel as though they have a chance to get better.

#2: BioAgilytix Labs
The BioAgilytix Labs team has moved to North Carolina to ensure they have space to do the work they believe is most important. They wanted to have a much larger facility to work from, and they were able to build much more cheaply in the state. Their labs will help the next generation with many different therapies that help them live longer lives, and they will ensure the state is growing every year by growing their business.

#3: Undercover Colors
Undercover Colors ( is an innovative startup that was created by four students at the North Carolina State University. Over the past two years, the company has garnered several million dollars in investments to help bring their product, a date rape drug detecting nail polish, to market.

#4: Fujifilm
Fujifilm wishes to expand their operations in America as they work in different forms of biomedical technology. Fuji is a large company that has been certain to improve the world around it, and it has expanded across America as it finds more ways for their company to serve the global population. They do much more than customers believe, and their large facility in North Carolina is another example of their commitment to expansion.

#5: Hospira
The company has spent millions to ensure they are building their facilities in the state larger, and they are working on infusion technologies that will help the medical field. They have hired more people to fill out their facilities, and they wish to help the state become a better location for medical research.

Someone who wishes to learn more about biotech research will do well to come to North Carolina. The state is a place where many are expanding, and it will continue to invest in businesses that wish to come there to build offices, hire new workers and research.